Sterilization/ Sanitation Policy for Equipment

In compliance with the Texas Department of Cosmetology, our licensed manicurists, and operators have completed at least two hours of sanitation education to meet continuing education requirements. Our management ensures that these practices are consistently applied, through regular staff training sessions.

Our foot spas are lined with new disposable liners before each pedicure service to ensure that you receive 100% clean services. You don’t need to hope that our equipment is sanitized; you can see it for yourself.

We never re-use nail filers, buffers and pumices. Every client receives a new set for each service the and the old ones are properly disposed of.

Our nail salons use sterilizers approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to sanitize metal implements. All implements are first be cleaned with hot water and soap, disinfected in wet sanitizer and then sterilized with a medical grade autoclave.