Spa Pedicures

MeTime Pedicure $60

A moment entirely dedicated offer an Authentic Foot Vacation with a treatment of JELLY Presoak. Aromatic Sea Salt Foot Bath choise of Indulgence Treatment Scent. Sugar Scrub, Soothing Mask Wrap, Glycolic Sole Treament, Paraffin, Hot Stone and 25 minutes Massage/Reflexology ritual of Cozinness & comfort for heavy feet & calf muscles. Reach your utimate level of Relaxation with a Warm Neck Cushion and Hot Green Tea or Cold Drink.

Essential Pedicure $45

A truly pampering experience, this treatment will take you into the deepest realm of relaxation. Include a Foot soak with Aromatic Sea Salts, extra Cuticle Attention, a Sugar Scrub with Essential Oils, a Hydrating Mask, a Glycolic Sole Treatment, a 20 minutes Massage/Foot Reflexology wih Moisturizing crème and choise of Hot Stones or Paraffin and Choice of Polish or Shine Buff.

Optimal Pedicure $33

Specially designed to Energize & Invigorate Calves & Feet Salt Scrub. Clay Mask Soothing, Glycolic Sole Treatment, Cuticle Detail, 15 minutes Massage and Choice of Polish or Shine Buff.

Preferred Pedicure $20

For those who prefer their treatments to be short and sweet, but still complete! The Preferred Pedicure includes a quick Soak with Minearal Sea Salt, Nail Trim/File/Shape, Cuticle Work, Mineral Oil Moisturizing and Polish application or Shine Buff.

Indulgence Scents (OPI Products)
Milk & Honey  
Oat Meal  
Rose Petal  
Green Tea  
Aloe Vera