Dr. Murrad Skin Care Products

60 min Includes Hand Paraffin. A  Massage to your hand, arm, neck, shoulder and décolleté, excluded Mini Facial.

Acne Complex Facial  $65

Concerns: Breakouts, Excess Oil & Shine, Large/Clogged Pores

AHA Rapid Exfoliator Anti-Aging Facial

Concerns: Genetic ageing, Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Creases

Vitamin C Infusion Facial

Concerns: Enviromental Ageing & Sun Spot, Uneven Skin Tone & Texture

Redness Therapy Facial

Concerns: Red, Sensitive Skin, Tight, Dry Skin, Over-processed Skin

Men's Facial

Razors burn, Chronic Dryness, Ingrown Hairs, Clogged Pores

Mini Facial

For a quick pick me up before a special event

Add DERModality Peel - $10
Laser Cosmetic Teeth Whitening | 60 Minutes | $49

Facial Massage 

Note: Baby oil is used during face massage for the first time and sensitive skin clients

10 Min - $12 15 Min - $15 With Steam Add $8

Get in a Better Mood • Prevent Wrinkles • Curb Congestion • Detoxify the Body
The face is full of nerves and pleasure points, so it makes sense that a facial massage is a desirable form of pampering. Give yourself a professional facial massage. Whether you are looking for a quick midday pick-me-up or a soothing escape, the luxury of massage is easily justified by some of its more practical benefits.